How to Keep Your Husband Happy

Become best friends – be playful, go on dates, make each other laugh. OFTEN.

BE HAPPY! Because it doesn’t seem like it would be very much fun being married to Debbie Downer.

Be supportive – because NOBODY likes an annoying, complaining, nagging partner-in-crime. <– He WILL cheat on you. I can almost guarantee it.

Respect his privacy – everyone needs a little space.

Learn to cook (and/or bake)! Food is the way to a man's heart – enough said.

Take care of him – I've never met a man who didn't enjoy being babied and pampered. Iron his clothes, pack him snacks, write him little notes, it's the little things that keep the spark alive in the relationship.

Don't EVER let yourself go. Stay in shape, remember to dress sexy once in a while, SHAVE YOUR LEGS, do your hair, and makeup.


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